For the second consecutive year, France is the leading destination for international investment in Europe, ahead of the United Kingdom and Germany. Its location, at the heart of Europe, is one of its major assets. It has quality infrastructure: Paris Charles de Gaulle airport is the leading European airport for cargo.
Undoubtedly forward-looking, France’s rate of public support for R&D is the highest among OECD countries. It was also the most attractive country in Europe in 2020 for R&D investments. Its competitiveness has improved significantly over the past decade.
France boasts a unique quality of life. It offers a set of quality services, particularly in education and healthcare, while maintaining a high standard of living for households.
The France Attractiveness Scoreboard also highlights indicators for which progress is still necessary.

France Attractiveness Scoreboard – 2021 edition
France Attractiveness Scoreboard 2021: Key Figures
France Attractiveness Scoreboard 2021: Vignettes


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