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France has around 100 sites immediately available for your investment projects.

These ready-to-use industrial sites offer shortened, predictable and controlled set-up times, since the procedures related to urban planning, archaeological surveying and the environment are already completed.

Dataviz Ready-to-Use Sites, a data visualisation tool developed by the Banque des Territoires and Business France, allows you to quickly identify which site best fits your investment project in France.

With this new online tool, you can enter your requirements in terms of surface area, location and business services (utilities, infrastructure, connectivity, etc.).

The tool then immediately locates sites that meet your needs.

A fact sheet detailing the characteristics of each site is available for download.

Dataviz Ready-to-Use Sites makes it easier to get in touch with Business France’s international network and its local partners. We remain committed to supporting you with your investment projects.


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