France is an open economy

Europe’s most attractive country

for foreign investment in 2022

(EY, 2023)

#1 OECD country

in terms of public funding and tax incentives for business R&D

(OECD, 2021)

67.8 million consumers


(Insee, 2022)

Foreign investment in France in 2022

The “2022 Annual Report on Foreign Investment in France” published on May 11, 2023 by Business France features 1,725 foreign investment projects that have created or maintained 58,810 jobs nationwide. While the number of job-creating investment projects recorded increased by 7% compared with 2021, the increase in the number of jobs created or maintained is historic, up 31% compared with 2021.

These results strengthen France’s attractiveness as an investment location and prove that foreign investors still trust France.

Production activities are the most common type of project among the investments received in France. This is thanks to the rebound in R&D investments in France, which reached a record number this year.

For further information, please download the documents listed below:

The 2022 Annual Report on Foreign Investment in France

28 country fact sheets

Overview of Foreign investments in France

France is an increasingly attractive destination and benefits from structural key strengths

Open economy

More than 50% of foreign investors consider France to be one of the most attractive countries in Europe. France is an open country that appeals to tourists, talent and foreign capital.

Human capital

France is the fourth most dynamic economy among OECD countries for the increase in its production system efficiency.

World-class infrastructure

Paris Charles de Gaulle airport is ranked as the largest airport for cargo in Europe and the second largest for passengers, while Paris Le Bourget is Europe’s leading business airport.

Research & Innovation, a haven for talent

In France, 52.1% of the active 25- to 64-year-old population are employed in science and technology and/or are tertiary education graduates, which is higher than the EU average (47.5%) (Eurostat, 2019).

Dynamic economy and market

In 2020, France was the world’s 7th largest economy (US$2,620 billion). In addition, France occupies a central position within Europe, which is the second largest market in the world.
Job creation was up by 1.1% in France in 2019. The private sector created 210,000 new roles.

A mobile-tastic country

French telecommunications networks are among the best in the world, with €20 billion being invested to ensure 100% nationwide coverage of very high-speed internet by 2022.

More reasons to choose France


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