High quality of life in France

Life expectancy at birth

83 years


(OECD, 2021)

Paris #1 city in the world

for quality of life


(KPMG, 2021)

#3 in the OECD for healthcare spending

9.3% of GDP in 2019

(OECD, 2021)

France, renowned for its relaxed way of life

Renowned quality of life

France offers its inhabitants an excellent quality of life, with easy access to healthcare, social protection, an effective education system, cultural activities and leisure time.

Culture and Heritage

With 47 designated sites, France is one of the largest contributors to Unesco’s World Heritage List. The Palace of Versailles and the Eiffel Tower both attract more than seven million visitors every year.

A key sector of the French economy

In 2017, the French tourism sector generated €173 billion in revenues, nearly one-third of which came from foreign visitors.

Tourism accounted for 7.4% of French GDP in 2017, with 1.127 million people employed in the sector. France is ranked third in the world for tourism receipts (€55.5 billion in 2017).

(DGE, OMT, 2019)

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