France, a nation of entrepreneurs

In 2020,

848,200 new businesses

were created


(INSEE, 2021)

More than

10,000 startups in France



(La French Tech, 2020)

Only four days

required to found a company: France is among the easiest countries in which to start a business

(Doing Business, The World Bank, 2020)

France, a buoyant entrepreneurial landscape

A nation of entrepreneurs

France has one of the lowest business death rates in Europe: 4.9% in 2018, compared with 7.6% in Germany and 12.5% in the United Kingdom.

A flexible labor market

The reform of the French labor code aims to increase the competitiveness of businesses by giving them greater flexibility, but also aims to improve working conditions for employees.

A startup Republic

There are nearly 10,000 startups in France.
Station F is a haven for them as the largest startup campus in the world.

Tax measures to promote competitiveness and investment

“France offers one of the most generous research tax incentives in OECD countries.” Deloitte

Industrial excellence

France, with nearly four million businesses, has become a key player for enterprise in the last 25 years, supported by a mature ecosystem and effective sources of finance.

France is committed to providing a comprehensive, successful bedrock to entrepreneurs



The French economy aims to give businesses greater freedom to innovate, change, grow and create jobs.

Some 815,000 firms have already enjoyed this favorable environment and government’s strong and resolute backing.

In the long run, France stands out for the sustainability of its businesses, with an enterprise death rate of 4.7%.

As a result, the strong and reliable French ecosystem enables companies to focus on further technological innovations, fundraising operations and thriving trade and business.

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