Investment decisions confirmed in 2019 have created jobs in all French regions, not only in major cities but also in more remote parts of the country. They are home to sophisticated ecosystems, able to support technological and R&D projects.

A government initiative called “territoires d’industrie” has been launched to boost industrial development in 146 locations.

The French government and French regions cooperate closely to attract and welcome investors, support them in the implementation of their project to set up business in France, notably by offering “ready-to-use” industrial sites. The FDI map in each region can be found here.


“La French Fab” is the new inspiration for French industrial sites and businesses nationwide, which share the determination to revitalize French industry. Today, there are nearly 4,000 businesses which have joined the movement, all committed to an ecological performance approach, renewing the industrial base, revitalizing regions, boosting the attractiveness of industrial professions and showcasing French industrial excellence, both in France and throughout the world. This movement is in addition to “La French Tech”, which unites all the most innovative French businesses in the tech sector.

On the occasion of the 3rd Choose France summit in Versailles, the Boston Consulting Group analyzes major disruptions affecting industry around the world. In the new challenge facing businesses, it offers a vision for France and Europe through two reports: “Smart industries” and “Sustainable value chains”.


In a world where benchmarks are being transformed through digital technologies, a commitment to sustainability and the need for agility and soft skills, France’s appeal is growing.

On the occasion of the 3rd Choose France summit in Versailles, INSEAD has carried out a study surveying around 2.000 students and alumni (INSEAD, Polytechnique, and Institut Paul Bocuse) and a hundred or so managers to determine the respective expectations of future recruits and employers, and the opportunities that these findings provide.

To read “Talent on the move in France” or “Summary of findings“

To support their installation, the website Welcome to France is the information service dedicated to welcoming international talent to work in France and their family.

France is mobilizing itself to build the skills needed by industry, through the foundation of “L’Usine extraordinaire“, opening plants worldwide to education.

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