Foreign investment projects benefit the whole of France. Foreign-owned businesses are operating in France and are creating jobs in every region of the country. France’s economic attractiveness can be seen in both large regional cities, but also in smaller urban areas, as 43% of investments in 2021 were in municipalities of fewer than 200,000 inhabitants.

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Resilience / Confidence / Recovery

France’s resilience and the confidence of foreign investors made France the leading European destination for foreign investment projects in 2021.

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Talent is at the heart of business strategy. Talent mobility provides key data on a country’s economy that is used to measure its attractiveness. The welcome that France reserves for entrepreneurs and foreign talent has a lasting influence on the choice of destination for international mobility.

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News 23/10/2023

France is counting on €70 billion in annual investment owing to its decarbonization plan

The governement’s ambitious action plan…

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News 06/07/2023

The European Inventor Award awarded to five French CNRS researchers

A new way to store hydrogen…

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News 28/06/2023

Producing “green hydrogen” at sea, a world first for Lhyfe

Green hydrogen from a floating wind turbine…

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News 19/06/2023

VivaTech becomes the world’s leading technology trade show

150,000 participants…

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News 11/05/2023

France’s attractiveness at its highest in 2022

According to the 2022 Annual Report on Foreign Investment in...

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News 26/04/2023

837,000 apprenticeship contracts signed in 2022

The numbers have more than doubled for the private sector, while the public sector has seen...

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News 03/04/2023

Green hydrogen in France: the promise of 50,000 to 150,000 jobs

France, the European champion of green hydrogen…

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News 17/03/2023

Six French winners at the Global Industrie exhibition in March 2023

65,000 visitors and 2,300 exhibitors…  

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News 27/02/2023

Foreign investment projects in France on the rise in 2022

1,725 foreign investment projects, creating or maintaning 58,810...

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News 18/02/2023

French group Suez set to produce an ‘infinitely recyclable’ plastic

Production of a PET virgin-quality resin

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News 16/02/2023

€17.2 billion worth of French wine and spirits exports in 2022

A 10.8% increase compared with 2021…

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News 08/02/2023

47,000 French SMEs and 520,000 jobs supported by the EIB in 2022

€10 billion in EIB investments…

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News 26/01/2023

2022: A year of records for French businesses

3 records for French businesses in 2022…

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News 25/01/2023

The nuclear sector, key to French energy sovereignty

Development of French nuclear sector

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News 22/12/2022

Younited, the 27th French unicorn

New Fintech unicorn in december 2022…

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News 19/12/2022

The Seine: river freight and carbon-free urban delivery

an ecological alternative to traditional logistics…

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News 14/12/2022

16,900 foreign-owned businesses in France in 2020

They employ 2.1 million people in France…

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News 25/11/2022

1,074 high-impact startups in 2022

28% increase of high-impact startups compared to 2021…

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News 08/11/2022

France proves just as attractive as ever for talent in 2022

France Top 20 in the Insead Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI)…

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News 07/11/2022

Paris Game Week returns after a 2-year absence

“Paris Game Week” and the rise of French video games…

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News 04/11/2022

Sanofi and AstraZeneca develop the world’s first vaccine against bronchiolitis

This new vaccine will help to protect 33 million children against...

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News 17/10/2022

Forty-two French establishments in the 2023 World University Rankings

Forty-two French establishments appear in the 2023 rankings of...

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News 14/10/2022

Gradual abolition of the CVAE from 2023

The business value-added contribution…

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News 07/10/2022

Annie Ernaux, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature 2022

First Frenchwoman awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature…

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News 04/10/2022

€9 billion injected into the French aerospace industry

€9 billion in the French aerospace industry in the 3 upcoming...

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News 27/09/2022

Record fundraising for French Tech in 2021

French startups raised €11.6 billion…

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News 29/03/2022

Record growth in 2021 for foreign investment projects in France

1,607 new foreign investment decisions…

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News 07/05/2024

France consolidates its attractiveness in 2023

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News 23/11/2023

Rennes set to welcome its first journalism school in 2024

Modern challenges for this new school…

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News 15/11/2023

France to invest €1 billion in polar research by 2030

Facing the urgency of global warming…

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News 30/10/2023

The International French Language Center, a new ambassador for the French-speaking world

A promising new step for the French language…

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