News 07/06/2023

The European Inventor Award awarded to five French CNRS researchers

A new way to store hydrogen…

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News 06/28/2023

Producing “green hydrogen” at sea, a world first for Lhyfe

Green hydrogen from a floating wind turbine…

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News 06/19/2023

VivaTech becomes the world’s leading technology trade show

150,000 participants…

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News 05/11/2023

France’s attractiveness at its highest in 2022

According to the 2022 Annual Report on Foreign Investment in...

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News 04/26/2023

837,000 apprenticeship contracts signed in 2022

The numbers have more than doubled for the private sector, while the public sector has seen...

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News 04/14/2023

India-France Business Summit

The business event seeking to strengthen the strategic partnership between France and...

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News 04/05/2023

Vision Golfe 2023

The main business meeting between the Gulf countries and France

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News 04/03/2023

Green hydrogen in France: the promise of 50,000 to 150,000 jobs

France, the European champion of green hydrogen…

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News 03/17/2023

Six French winners at the Global Industrie exhibition in March 2023

65,000 visitors and 2,300 exhibitors…  

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News 02/27/2023

Foreign investment projects in France on the rise in 2022

1,725 foreign investment projects, creating or maintaning 58,810...

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News 02/18/2023

French group Suez set to produce an ‘infinitely recyclable’ plastic

Production of a PET virgin-quality resin

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News 02/16/2023

€17.2 billion worth of French wine and spirits exports in 2022

A 10.8% increase compared with 2021…

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News 02/08/2023

47,000 French SMEs and 520,000 jobs supported by the EIB in 2022

€10 billion in EIB investments…

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News 01/26/2023

2022: A year of records for French businesses

3 records for French businesses in 2022…

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News 01/25/2023

The nuclear sector, key to French energy sovereignty

Development of French nuclear sector

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News 12/22/2022

Younited, the 27th French unicorn

New Fintech unicorn in december 2022…

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