This strategic investment demonstrates Air Liquide’s long-term commitment to hydrogen energy and its ambition to be a major player in the supply of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen, in order to contribute to the decarbonization of the industry and mobility markets.

Located in the industrial zone of Port-Jérôme in Normandy, France, the large-scale electrolyser project of H2V Normandy aims to supply renewable and low-carbon hydrogen for industrial applications, as well as future heavy mobility applications. The project is part of an ambitious program to develop new energies to de-carbonate industrial activities (refining and chemical) on the Seine Valley axis in Normandy, one of Air Liquide’s historical industrial basins in France. This project will enable to avoid the emission of 250,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Air Liquide will bring its expertise of more than 50 years in the sector to this project which is part of an investment dynamic that supports the development of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen production in the world. In France, the Group has already deployed a unique solution for CO2 capture called Cryocap™ on its Port-Jérôme hydrogen production facility.

François Jackow, Executive Vice President and a member of the Air Liquide Group’s Executive Committee, said, “As France has resolutely committed to energy transition with an ambitious hydrogen plan, Air Liquide, a major player in the industry, is investing locally to develop the activity. With this strategic project aimed at producing hydrogen by electrolysis, the Group is strengthening its presence in the Normandy industrial basin.

“This investment is in line with Air Liquide’s commitment to supply hydrogen from renewable or low-carbon sources for mobility and to support the decarbonization of the industry and thus to promote the emergence of hydrogen as a key element in the energy transition.”

The glass industry is under severe cost constraints and increasing environmental pressure to reduce emissions, Air Liquide provides glass manufacturers with solutions to improve their competitiveness and environmental footprint.


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