They employed 2.2 million people, accounting for 13% of the total workforce in the non-agricultural and non-financial market sectors. A total of 44% were in mid-size businesses and 41% in large firms.

Above all, these jobs were carried out in businesses under European ownership. The 28 countries of the European Union (including the United Kingdom) were responsible for 53% of employment in France under foreign ownership in 2019 and the United States was the leading source of foreign-owned jobs (512,000).

In businesses under foreign ownership, 32.4% of jobs depended on the industrial sector and 99% of them were concentrated in the manufacturing industry. Industry’s share of jobs varies depending on the origin of parent businesses, with Japanese, Italian, German and Swedish-owned businesses concentrating more than 40% of their jobs in industry.

They generated €173 billion of value added in France, or 17% of the value added of all businesses in France, in the non-agricultural and non-financial market sectors. In France, foreign-owned businesses generated value added of €64.9 billion in industry (22% of total value added for industry) in 2019.


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