John Cockerill, the leader of this technology that consists in hydrogen production by water electrosis, has confirmed the upcoming transformation of its factory of Aspach-Michelbach. The new site should be operative by 2022, with an initial production capacity of 200GW that should reach 1GW by 2030. The first electrolysers are to be produced by 2023. The creation of about 250 jobs in France is also planned.

This operation is part of a global plan of decarbonisation of the French economy set up by the country. France spearheads the group’s technological advancement in the sector, hence establishing its strategic position internationally. The European branch will also gather several other European equipment manufacturing sites. John Cockerill’s presence in Alsace, at the heart of Europe, thus places the Grand Est region at the crossroads of innovation and the commitment to meeting the local and European energy needs in the green hydrogen sector.

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