Europe’s #1

Producer of agricultural foods

(Eurostat, 2019)

Global leader

for wine exports

(GTA, 2019)

Europe’s #1 beef

(and meat) producer

(Eurostat, 2019)

#FranceRelance's measures in agri-food industry

France, a major player in agricultural production, is moving towards a secure, modern and sustainable agri-food industry. The agri-food industry is one of several strategic industries in the “Relaunch France” plan. Check out the measures implemented below:



In 2019, France was the world’s fifth largest agri-food exporter (UN-Comtrade). Agri-food was the third largest contributor to France’s trade balance, with a surplus of €7.8 billion. The top four exports were drinks (€17.1 billion), dairy products (€6.7 billion), meat and meat-based products (€4.6 billion), and grain-processing products (€2.5 billion).

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Let’s invite France to your table every day !

Founded and supported by the French authorities and launched internationally in February 2020, Taste France is the new collective brand bringing together all the key players in the gastronomic, agri-food and agricultural sectors which aims to support French business activity. Taste France is a true flagship of the industry, seeking to promote France’s attractiveness by shining the spotlight on businesses and their expertise.

The aim of this brand is to demonstrate that French products are of high quality and can be used in all cuisines around the world, whether it is convivial family moments, or in restaurants run by top chefs. Taste France embodies the notions of conviviality and sharing, both of which are a key part of the French dining experience.

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James Quincey, CEO of Coca Cola

Coca Cola has been produced in France since 1921 and has six production facilities spread across the country. Coca Cola plans to invest €1 billion over the next five years.

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