In 2024, Paris will host the Olympic Games

for the third time in its history

(Ministry for Sport)

In 2020,

11,000 businesses were created in the sector

(BPCE L’Observatoire/Sports economy, 2021)

65% of French people aged 15 and over played at least one type of sport in 2020

(INJEP, National Sport Survey, 2020)

Sport, an attractive sector

The Olympic and Paralympic Games

France has been selected to organize the biggest sporting event on the planet. These games will be geared towards equality, ecology, the Social and Solidarity Economy, and the integration of vulnerable groups.

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A dynamic and resilient market

In 2020, the sports market was resilient against Covid-19, with 11,000 businesses being created in this sector. The sale of bicycles grew very sharply.

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Sport Tech

Connected objects, big data and virtual reality modify and enrich the experience for both spectators and professional or amateur athletes. France is ranked second in Europe for fundraising in Sport Tech.

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 A welcoming country

France is the world champion for hosting sporting events. It holds numerous titles, medals, and records, which make it one of the world’s best sporting nations.

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The French way of life

65% of French people aged 15 and over practiced at least one physical and sporting activity in 2020. Sport, in addition to bringing generations together, and to being the key to good health, shapes the lives of many French people

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Sport, an inclusive player

In 2020, the French Handisport Federation was made up of 60,000 practitioners and 35,000 licensees. The state is committed to developing access to sport for all, in particular with the creation of the National Sport Agency, founded in 2019

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First made accessible to the public in France in the 2010s, the e-sport sector has since skyrocketed. In France, the e-sport market was estimated to be worth €27 million in 2020.

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FIFA is transferring some of its services to Paris

FIFA is returning to where it was founded in 1904: Paris. Discover the reasons behind its decision here:

Global Sports Week 2020

Global Sports Week is the new sporting event. For a week, established leaders and agents of change in sport, business, culture, media, politics, and society, come together to think about the future of sport in relation to major international business and society issues.

Speech by Marie-Christine Oghly, President of the World Association of Women Entrepreneurs (FCEM). She was a guest of the “Sport as a field of opportunity: Choose France” round table.


Since 2012, Business France has been organizing the
International Association of Major Sporting Events (RIGES)

RIGES is an opportunity for French businesses in the sports sector to discuss international opportunities with key players in the sector.

The eighth edition of RIGES was held from January 26-28, 2021. This annual meeting, which went digital for the first time this year, brought together nearly 300 key players.

Discover RIGES 2021

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