France, a highly connected country

100% of the country

covered with very high-speed broadband by 2022

(French Governement, 2019)

#3 country

in the world for fixed high-speed broadband subscriptions

(OCDE, Digital Economic Outlook, 2019)

#2 in the world

for the quality and accessibility
of public online services

(United Nations, E-Government Survey 2018)

France, a digital economy

A mobile-tastic country

France is committed to strengthening its connectivity, with €20 billion being invested to ensure 100% nationwide coverage
of very high-speed internet by 2022.

Strong government support for innovation

is an integral part of the 2025 Productivity Pact. France is aiming to have a breakthrough, technology-based economy by 2025.

Research and Innovation

With 8,241 PCT international patent applications in 2016, France was ranked fifth in the world, after Germany (18,621), but ahead of the United Kingdom (6,439).

Human capital

In 2018, France was the fourth most dynamic economy among OECD countries for the increase in its production system efficiency.

Providing key digital tools for a thriving Economy 2.0




The French government’s Very High-Speed Internet Plan aims to ensure 100% nationwide coverage of very high-speed internet by 2022 through combined public and private investment of some €20 billion. Priority is being given to business parks for the rollout of fiber-optic connections. France also has more public Wi-Fi hotspots – over 23 million – than any other country in Europe.

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