Developing the Industry of the Future

#2 in the world

for aerospace exports

(GTA, 2022)

€23.1 billion of R&D expenditure 

in the manufacturing industry

(MESRI-SIES, 2019)


in nuclear expertise

(SFEN, 2019)

Fostering a comprehensive ecosystem conducive to investment in high-technology industries

Industrial excellence

France has been the leading host country for industrial investment in Europe for the last 15 years, with 1/4 of foreign investments in industry.

Strong government support for innovation

Innovation is an integral part of the 2025 Productivity Pact. France is aiming to have a breakthrough, technology-based economy by 2025.

"Discover la French Fab, the Fabulous French Industry !"

La French Fab is the new face of France’s industry.  Launched in 2017, La French Fab is supported collectively by the Alliance Industrie du FuturBpifrance, Business France, France Industrie, the Direction Générale des Entreprises and France’s regions. These key players are committed to an eco-friendly approach and concerned about the common good. In France an around the world, they’re working to renew the industrial sector, reinvigorate France’s regions, make industrial jobs more attractive, and draw attention to French industrial excellence. 

Discover La French Fab 


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