#3 in the OECD

for healthcare spending:

(OECD, 2019)

France is ranked 11th

in the world for life expectancy at birth

(World Bank, 2019)

#1 in the OECD

for access to healthcare

(OECD, 2019)

“Healthcare Innovation 2030”

As part of the “Healthcare Innovation 2030” strategy, nearly €7 billion will be made available to promote innovative investments in healthcare. The measures announced aim in particular to make use of the key points expected by manufacturers and the healthcare innovation ecosystem, including:

  • Better predictability/competitiveness regarding clinical trial authorization times, market access and public spending for healthcare products.
  • Simplification of the management of innovation in healthcare.
  • Support for industrial investments and in the fields of the future.
  • The relaunch of the site/cluster policy for biomedical research

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#FranceRelance's measures in healthcare industry

The healthcare sector is one of several strategic industries in the “France Relance” plan, which aims to turn France into one of the most competitive and innovative healthtech hubs in the world.

Healthcare in France

France is renowned for the quality and excellence of its medical research and care not to mention its range of globally recognized healthcare companies across different sectors.

The series of kits all about France are intended to promote the French economy, its products and its businesses abroad. They are also available in French.

Moreover, in France all the French healthcare players are grouped together under the French Healthcare brand to contribute to the influence of French expertise internationally.

Find out more about France’s healthcare sector in eight subject areas:

  • Healthtech: A dynamic sector comprising 1,700 companies with nearly €1.8 billion in funds raised in 2019.
  • Medical devices: France has many innovative startups and is Europe’s second leading market for medical devices.
  • Connected healthcare: The French government is acutely aware of the importance of digital technology in the healthcare sector and so has placed it at the heart of its “Ma santé 2022” strategy.
  • Healthcare in France: The country has more than 1.2 million healthcare professionals and is ranked fifth in the world for the quality of its health infrastructure.
  • The silver economy: This growing sector generated revenues of €130 billion in 2020 and could lead to 300,000 net job creations.
  • Medicinal products and vaccines: France is the world’s fifth largest market for medicinal products for human use and the fourth largest exporter of vaccines.
  • Cancer treatment: France is a leader in cancer research; the Institut Gustave Roussy is Europe’s leading institute in the fight against cancer.
  • Chronic diseases: France is renowned for its expertise and research excellence in the fight against chronic diseases such as diabetes, hepatitis and cardiovascular disease.
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FRENCH HEALTHCARE is an innovative public-private initiative aimed at bringing together the key players in the French healthcare ecosystem (companies, researchers, healthcare professionals, innovation clusters, etc.), to promote their operations, expertise and technologies internationally.

Improving healthcare for all

Faced with the global pandemic, French healthcare companies have continued to innovate to offer a range of effective solutions to fight COVID-19.

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Belen Garijo, Merck Healthcare

With more than 3,700 highly qualified employees across all fields, from research to production, Merck Healthcare is a leading employer for France and views the country as a strategic pillar. France is home to the group’s second largest European subsidiary, with 10 sites across the country, including seven production facilities.


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