Key figures for the French logistics industry

2nd largest European logistics market

6th largest global logistics market

150,000 companies

€200 billion in turnover in 2019, 10% of gross GDP

1.8 million employees

work in the logistics sector

High quality multi-modal infrastructures

Choosing France means gaining access to multi-modal infrastructures that serve to optimise its European and international service provision.

Europe’s leading road network

1.1 million km of roads, including 11,400 km of motorways

2nd largest high-speed rail network in Europe

1st European hub

for freight and 2nd for passenger transport (Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport) 1st European business airport (Paris-le Bourget Airport)

2nd maritime domain in the world

54 French ports on 4 continents and all oceans 1st Mediterranean port: GPMM PICTO (Marseille)

1st inland waterway network in Europe

totalling nearly 8,500 km

Facilitated customs procedures

The State has set up a one-stop national customs window to facilitate administrative formalities and offer companies a competitive framework in terms of duration and cost of customs procedures.

Find or build your logistics warehouse

Business France’s teams throughout the world and its regional network of partners are available to companies seeking a location in France for their research centre, factory, office or logistics warehouse.

Contact the Business France teams

In 2022, 127 turnkey sites were certified by the State. The set-up procedures have been designed to allow companies to start operations within very short deadlines.


Turnkey sites that can accommodate logistics activities.

Logistics of the futur: join one of our clusters

Competitiveness clusters, which are designed to support innovation, encourage the development of innovative collaborative projects. They also support the development and growth of their member companies through, among other things, the marketing of new products, services or processes resulting from research projects.

Mobility and sustainable cities

Advancity, the only cluster in France, and one of the few in Europe, dedicated to sustainable cities, allows companies, higher education and research institutions and local authorities to co-operate and implement innovative collaborative projects in order to develop products or services that can be marketed in the medium term, which continue to generate economic activity and create jobs. In six years, more than 450 projects have been approved, 158 of which have benefited from €460 million investment in research and innovation.

Sustainable land transport and logistics

Located in the Nord-Pas de Calais and Picardie regions, i-Trans acts as an innovation catalyst for projects that bring together companies and research bodies from the automotive, rail and multi-modal freight and passenger sectors. i-Trans is a global innovation hub recognised as one of the best in France and has become the leading national rail hub.

Our partner

France Logistique is an association that brings together private stakeholders in the logistics sector, and academic and qualified personalities.  It is engaged in five priority fields of action:

  • fostering the competitiveness of the French logistics sector,
  •  contributing to energy transition;
  • promoting the image of the sector, particularly internationally
  •  supporting the development of professions and skills;
  • promoting new ways of organising urban logistics;
  •  participating in the logistics planning of the French territory.


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